Cyber Security: everyone's a target.

Cyber Security, a dirty couple of words. Also two words we take very seriously. We cannot promise that you won't be hacked, but we do promise to come to the rescue immediately. 

Happy New Year Everyone!


2015 was a strong year for all of us. Traffic is on the increase across all of your websites. Comfort levels in the digital space are on the up & up!


Cyber Security a focus of 2016


As your trusted partner in digital marketing, we have to bring to your attention the need for greater vigilance in cyber security.


Many of you have in-house IT support and are familiar with protecting your client data and email files.  Those of you who host with Net Impact have basic security coverage included in the hosting package. The basic package is no longer cutting the mustard.


Annual Hosting costs are going UP


To maintain the level of service we currently provide our hosting clients we are raising our hosting charge by $10/mon. to cover additional security measures.


Over the last few months we have seen more attacks on our servers than in previous years. Breaches include hackers accessing admin directories, SQL injectors, malware on devices accessing web directories and compromised passwords. This list is by no means complete, these breaches are those that had some measure of success. 


Net Impact Hosting Partners


HostDime is the company that provides the physical boxes and bandwidth that serve Net Impact and our client base.  Host Dime has been a long standing provider of hosting services and remains a reliable partner. Hostdime is located in the US. The weakness of the CAD dollar compared to the USD is a minor factor in the increase of hosting costs. (We have been on the hunt for a local hosting provider, we have yet to find a group that can offer comparable services at a more competitive price.)


Server Administration


In the past there has been some push back from clients on our annual hosting charge of $500+hst, with some comparing this cost to the $9.99/mon advertised by GoDaddy. 


$9.99 package offered by GoDaddy is not a managed hosting solution. This package allows for a limited amount of space within a Virtual Private Network for businesses to 'host' their website(s). This service falls well short of our clients' basic requirements.


Net Impact acts as your server administrator for software integration, email pointing, domain pointing, website support, software updates and security. If clients have a problem, a question or there has been an attack, Net Impact handles it and most often within a few hrs.


We set our standards of service above the big guys like GoDaddy because we understand that speaking to someone you know & trust when you need help is what our clients value most.


Password Etiquette


90% of clients run Open Source websites (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.) These content management systems allow clients to contribute to their corporate websites.


When a Browser asks you if you want it to remember your password, many of us click YES, this is a risk. Increased mobility is a risk: many of us log into our applications from various devices (phones, tablets, laptops & desktops.) Some of these devices may be secure others may contain malware or harmful phishing software.


Another common security breach are passwords that are easy to crack. Many of us have one password we use for banking to baking with only slight changes between each.


Note: Net Impact will be updating/changing FTP and back end access for client sites on a bi-monthly schedule as part of new security measures.


If you guys periodically run into issues accessing your websites, simply give us a shout.


We are always here to listen and help you with any digital request. We should all be pumped to be heading into the new year on top of security issues rather than recovering from them. We will be contacting each of you individually concerning your hosting packages and to discuss any additional services you require.


Look out for our quarterly newsletter with some exciting news and some great new opportunities in early Feb!


Cheers from the Whole Gang,


Jen, Sar, Jared and Marilyn

Jennifer Robinson

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